DNC on Child Tax Credit Awareness Day

Today is Child Tax Credit Awareness Day, aimed at ensuring parents know about the American Rescue Plan’s historic expansion of the Child Tax Credit and how it will benefit their families. In the United States in 2021, the tax credit will increase for most families to $3,000 for each child between six- and 17-years-old and to $3,600 for each child under six-years-old. Experts estimate this historic expansion will cut child poverty in half. DNC Chair Jaime Harrison released the following statement in commemoration of Child Tax Credit Awareness Day.

“As a child who grew up in poverty, on an unpaved road, I know firsthand what the Child Tax Credit means for children and families across our country and the difference it will make in their lives. It means more money for food on tables and supplies in school bags. It means paid rents and paid bills. President Biden and Democrats delivered the American Rescue Plan and expanded this major tax relief for working families with children that is poised to lift millions of children out of poverty.

“President Biden’s economic plan is working and boosting financial security and economic growth for every family. But the American Rescue Plan is only the first step. We must pass the American Families Plan and American Jobs Plan to further extend this critical program and continue our progress on building an economy from the bottom up and the middle out.

“American families: help is here.”