DNC on Conversion Therapy Ban in Washington State

Today, Democratic Governor Jay Inslee signed into law a bill banning licensed therapists from attempting conversion therapy on minors. Washington becomes the 11th state in the nation to ban the practice. In response, DNC LGBTQ Media Director Lucas Acosta issued the following statement:


“Today, Washington State takes a huge step forward in protecting LGBTQ children by banning this backwards practice, which not only puts the lives of LGBTQ children at risk, but has been rejected by the medical community time and again.


“It would not have been possible for Governor Inslee to sign this bill into law without the support of the new Democratic state Senate. Last fall, Washington voters elected Manka Dhingra to the state Senate, which flipped control of the chamber and gave Democrats full control of the state government. In just a few months, Washington Democrats expanded protections for the LGBTQ community and fought for voting rights, equal pay, gun safety and net neutrality.


“The DNC was proud to invest in the Washington Democratic Party to support their efforts in electing Democrats up and down the ballot, including Manka Dhingra’s bid for the Washington state Senate. When Democrats lead with our values, organize early and reach voters in every ZIP code – we win.”