DNC on December Jobs Report

DNC Chair Jaime Harrison released the following statement in response to the December jobs report:

“Today, we learned that thanks to President Biden and Democrats’ leadership the economy added over 6.4 million jobs in 2021 — the most in a single year — and unemployment is now below 4%, the lowest of the pandemic. This is great news and another reminder that President Biden’s economic plan is working. Wages are up, everyone who wants a job can get one, and one of the fastest economic recoveries in history continues to power ahead. Over the last few weeks alone, the Biden-Harris administration has taken significant steps to drive down the price of meat and poultry, dramatically ease supply chain bottlenecks, and ensure Americans can safely celebrate the holiday season with loved ones. 

“But Democrats are clear-eyed that there is work to be done to continue to lower costs for families, and President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda is the best way to do that, while continuing our historic economic recovery. While President Biden and Democrats deliver for the American people, Republican lawmakers have done everything in their power to not only block progress, but they are even cheering against the economic recovery.”