DNC on DOJ Coordination with Sham Voting Commission

A recent open records request revealed direct communication between Attorney General Jeff Sessions and a member of Trump’s sham voting commission who attempted to ban Democrats from the commission. Seven Democratic senators have now written to the DOJ expressing grave concern over the now-explicit partisan intent behind the commission. In response to these developments, DNC Vice Chair of Civic Engagement and Voter Participation Karen Carter Peterson released the following statement: 

“The DOJ’s response to recent FOIA requests confirms what we already knew – Trump’s sham voting commission on ‘election integrity’ was created to perpetuate a false Republican narrative on the myth of voter fraud. Trump’s commission is made up of members who have a track record of suppressing eligible voters. It’s clear from the emails of commission member Hans von Spakovsky to the DOJ that this commission was not created to assess our elections in a fair and unbiased way but rather for political points.

“Our Democratic senators are holding the DOJ accountable for their involvement in this ‘nakedly partisan commission.’ We thank the seven senators for their continued leadership as we try to get honest answers from the DOJ on their level of coordination with the commission. The DNC will not relent in protecting voting rights for our citizens of this great country against all threats to our democracy.”