DNC on February Jobs Report

The U.S. economy added 20,000 jobs in February, far below the 180,000 that economists predicted. After the U.S. Department of Labor released the latest jobs and unemployment numbers, DNC Chair and former Labor Secretary Tom Perez issued the following statement:

“Today’s jobs report is yet another example of how Donald Trump’s recklessness hurts our economy. Hiring has slowed significantly since Trump’s disastrous government shutdown, while companies like General Motors have shuttered plants and laid off workers after receiving major tax breaks. This isn’t leadership; it’s chaos.


“The Republican Party has made it their top priority to reward their wealthy friends at any cost, even when it means hurting America’s middle class and working families. After two years of Trump, the damage to our economy and to future generations is mounting. But Democrats are fighting back. We’re committed to building an economy that works for everyone – an economy with good-paying jobs, decent benefits, health care for all, and the chance to retire with dignity and security. Americans know that the Democratic Party has their backs. We are the party of working people, and we will keep fighting for the brighter future they deserve.”