DNC on House Democrats Passing COVID Relief Bill

DNC Chair Jaime Harrison released the following statement:

“While Republicans in Congress try to play political games with people’s lives, Democrats have passed President Biden’s American Rescue Plan to provide people with the immediate relief they need to weather this crisis — including direct payments, expanded and extended unemployment benefits, and critical funding to help speed up vaccine distribution and reopen schools safely. That’s what leadership looks like. This critical legislation has support from Americans across the country and the political spectrum, and yet Republicans in Congress are trying to stand in the way. Make no mistake: Republicans who vote against this package are voting against putting checks in the hands of hardworking people who have bills to pay, businesses to run, and kids to feed. They need help. They need leadership. But only one party has shown the courage and compassion to provide it.

“The vast majority of Americans support passing a strong COVID relief package, and Senate Republicans must join Democrats in sending this bill to President Biden’s desk to sign.”