DNC on House Democrats Passing the Paycheck Fairness Act

DNC Women’s Media Director Elizabeth Renda released the following statement after Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Rosa DeLauro, and House Democrats passed the Paycheck Fairness Act with overwhelming support:


“The DNC applauds House Democrats for their passage of the Paycheck Fairness Act. The Democratic Party’s undying commitment to fight for women is exemplified by leaders in our party like Rep. Rosa DeLauro, who has introduced the Paycheck Fairness Act 11 times in the face of Republicans’ obstructionist politics. For two decades, Republicans in Congress have blocked this landmark legislation that would help close the pay gap in America. With today’s passage in the House, it’s time for Republicans in the Senate to stop playing games with women’s wages and join Democrats to pass this bill once and for all. On average, women working full time make only 80 cents for every dollar a man earns, and the numbers are even worse for women of color. The Paycheck Fairness Act will empower women to better identify pay inequity in their workplaces and take legal action to stop pay discrimination. The DNC is proud to stand with the brave leaders in our party in the fight to make the Paycheck Fairness Act the law of the land.”