DNC on Iowa Republicans Passing Strictest Abortion Ban in the Country

DNC Women’s Media Director Elizabeth Renda released the following statement on the 6-week abortion ban Republican Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed into law today:


“Iowa Republicans are now responsible for the most arcane and extreme legislation attacking women’s reproductive rights in this country. The so-called ‘heartbeat’ bill, which imposes a six-week ban on abortions, represents the strictest ban in the nation. This unconstitutional bill is nothing but a thinly veiled attack on Iowa women’s most basic rights and freedoms – every woman deserves the fundamental right to make decisions about her own body with her doctor.


“Iowa’s 6-week abortion ban is yet another example of how Republicans have been emboldened by the Trump administration’s extremist, anti-woman policies, and why it’s more important than ever that we elect Democrats up and down the ticket in the 2018 midterms. Come November, women will send a loud and clear message that the partisan games Governor Reynolds and Iowa’s Republican leaders are playing with their health is unacceptable. While Republicans continue their ceaseless, nefarious efforts to curtail women’s rights, Democrats will continue to lead and fight for women across this country.”