DNC on Ivanka Trump Fundraising While Democrats Fight Against Family Separations

Today, Ivanka Trump travels to California to headline fundraisers for House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Rep. Devin Nunes, in response DNC Deputy Communications Director Sabrina Singh released the following statement:


“Children are being detained and separated from their families while senior administration official Ivanka Trump attends glamourous fundraisers for congressional Republicans today. On the other side of the state, Leader Nancy Pelosi and congressional Democrats traveled to the U.S.-Mexico border in San Diego to tour a facility housing immigrant children who have been separated from their families. Never has there been a clearer demonstration of this administration’s misplaced priorities and heartless disregard for the families suffering at the hands of their own shameful policies that rip children from their mothers and fathers.

“Democrats are speaking out against the Trump administration’s inhumane policy of separating children and are working to solve our broken immigration system. The same cannot be said about Ivanka Trump or her family. Ivanka Trump claims to be an advocate for families in the Trump administration, yet she’s nowhere to be found while men, women, and children are suffering on the American border from this administration’s inhumane family-separation policy.”