DNC on Jewish American Heritage Month

DNC Chairman Tom Perez issued the following statement in recognition of Jewish American Heritage Month:


“This month, we celebrate the activists and organizers, spiritual and secular leaders who have animated Jewish values and inspired Jewish communities in our shared pursuit of a more perfect union. Jewish Americans of all backgrounds have made diverse and invaluable contributions to our country – from scientists, public servants, and business leaders to artists, athletes, civil rights activists, and the millions of Jewish Americans who have bravely served in our armed forces.


“In Jewish texts, we find a calling to repair the world. And throughout our history, Jewish Americans have carried on the cause of justice and equality for all people. By fighting for women’s rights and workers’ rights, civil rights and voting rights, religious freedom and LGBTQ equality, countless Jewish American activists and leaders have helped strengthen our democracy and build a better future for all Americans.


“As we recognize these achievements, we must also take time to reflect on the struggles and enduring strength of the Jewish people. We know that the fight to strengthen and protect communities across America is ongoing. That’s why we must remain vigilant against those who promote, defend, and enable anti-Semitism, racism, and bigotry of any form. Religious freedom is a cornerstone of American life. And we must continue to work together as people of all faiths committed to the freedom of all people.”