DNC on Jill Vogel’s Embrace of Corey Stewart

Yesterday, Republican candidate for Virginia lieutenant governor Jill Vogel proudly posed for a photo with Corey Stewart while campaigning in Gainesville, VA. DNC spokesperson Elizabeth Renda issued the following statement in response:

“Jill Vogel’s embrace of far-right extremist Corey Stewart just underlines what we all already knew: Vogel is too extreme for Virginia. Stewart is one of the most xenophobic and extremist politicians Virginia has seen in recent memory, and Vogel should be rebuking Steve Bannon’s star candidate, who promotes the politics of hate. Instead, Vogel proudly posed for a photo with him. From her racially-based political attacks to her legislative record of fighting to strip women of their right to make personal health care decisions, it’s no wonder Vogel managed to earn Stewart’s praise and her very own place in the extremist wing of the Republican Party. Virginians deserve leaders who will stand up to people like Stewart, Bannon, and Trump, not cowards who will embrace the bigotry they stand for.”