DNC on Kayleigh McEnany Saying ‘the Science Should not Stand in the Way’ of Schools Reopening

In response to Kayleigh McEnany saying that “the science should not stand in the way” of Trump’s plan to reopen schools “in full” without adequate safety measures, DNC War Room senior spokesperson and advisor Lily Adams released the following statement:

“The press secretary’s comments mirror the dangerous approach Trump has taken to this pandemic, which has yielded more than 137,000 deaths and the worst recession since the Great Depression. Now the Trump administration wants to further risk the lives of teachers, children, staff, and their families just to soothe the president’s ego. This president would rather accept conspiracy theories and reject science than listen to public health experts. He can’t be trusted to make decisions about the lives of America’s children and their families. We deserve a president who will listen to the experts, trust the science, and put American lives first. We deserve Joe Biden.”