DNC on Latest ‘Black Voices for Trump’ Outreach Event

DNC Black Caucus Chair Virgie Rollins and DNC National Press Secretary Brandon Gassaway released the following statement ahead of the Trump campaign’s Black outreach event:

“Black voters see right through this shallow outreach by the Trump campaign. If this president were serious about supporting Black communities, his administration would not be standing in the way of access to voting; it would have made sure the capital for “Opportunity Zones” flowed to more Black businesses instead of the likes of his son-in-law; and it would have ensured that there was adequate testing to more effectively combat this virus that has taken a disproportionate toll on Black families.

“The Trump administration’s relationship with the Black community has been disingenuous at its best and disastrous at its worst. The racial wage gap, Black maternal mortality rates, and student loan debt have all increased to significantly high levels under its watch while homeownership and health care access have dropped precipitously. Trump routinely demeans Black journalists, vilifies Black officials, and repeatedly uses the Black experience as a campaign prop.

“Black voters will not allow Trump to pull the wool over their eyes. The Democratic Party continues to be committed to leveling the playing field so there is better opportunity for economic, educational, and health success for the Black community. If Trump and his allies were sincere about their concern for Black voices, they would start by getting out of the way and listening to them at the ballot box.”