DNC on Maine’s Democratic Primary

DNC Chair Tom Perez issued the following statement on today’s Democratic primary in Maine:


“As polls close across the state in tonight’s primary elections, we know one thing for sure – no matter which candidates emerge as nominees, Mainers will have a very clear choice in November’s elections. While the Republican candidates for governor are fighting over who’s extreme enough to carry on Paul LePage’s disastrous, far-right legacy, Democrats are running on solving the issues that working Maine families care about, like combating the opioid crisis, fighting the state’s poverty epidemic and working to bring good-paying jobs to Maine, and implementing Medicaid expansion. Every Republican running for governor in Maine has said that health care is not a human right and vowed to repeal Medicaid expansion. But as the people of Maine demonstrated last November when they overwhelmingly voted to expand Medicaid, they know that health care should be a right for all, not a privilege for the wealthy few. Maine voters share our values, and that’s why they’ll elect Democrats up and down the ticket come November.”