DNC on Marc Short’s Anti-LGBTQ Editorial

Today, the Daily Beast published writings from Marc Short, Vice President Pence’s incoming chief of staff and a former top White House aide, that denigrates LGBTQ people for a “peverted lifestyle” and calls the transmission of HIV/AIDS the result of “repugnant” acts. In response, DNC LGBTQ Media Director Lucas Acosta issued the following statement:

“This administration continues to promote people, like Marc Short, who hold dangerous, out-of-touch, and bigoted views about the LGBTQ community. Short’s column is disturbing and clearly attacks people living with HIV and AIDS, as well as all LGBTQ persons.


“Now, the second most powerful person in the country has elevated Marc Short to the most senior position in his office. The choice to promote someone with such hostile views toward the LGBTQ community further confirms this White House’s goals of eliminating HIV/AIDS transmissions and decriminalizing homosexuality abroad are nothing more than empty rhetoric.


“Vice President Pence has never failed to find ways to discriminate against the LGBTQ community, from attacking our health care, to ending programs that prevent the spread of HIV infections in his home state, to supporting a policy that bars us from serving our country.


“The anti-LGBTQ values that Trump, Pence and Short share are abhorrent. Democrats will continue to fight for equal rights and stand up against this administration’s attempts to roll back our progress.”