DNC on March Jobs Report

After the U.S. Department of Labor released the latest jobs and unemployment numbers, DNC Chair and former Labor Secretary Tom Perez issued the following statement:

“As I travel the country, I continue to meet working families who want to see their wages grow. They want to provide for their kids and see their manufacturing jobs come back. They want a more prosperous life for themselves and their communities. That’s why Democrats are fighting day in and day out to build the brighter future they deserve. But Trump’s reckless threats to shut down commerce at the border and impose penalties on Mexico that could punish our auto industry risk destabilizing the economy and costing workers even more manufacturing jobs. And even as working families aren’t feeling the gains under Trump’s chaotic leadership, wealthy corporations and the top 1% are getting ready to celebrate another windfall on Tax Day thanks to the sweetheart deal they got from Republicans in Congress.


“The American people know that the Democratic Party has their backs. We are the party of working people; we are the party that believes health care is a right; we are the party fighting for good-paying jobs, affordable housing, access to quality education, and the chance to retire with dignity; we are the party of inclusion and opportunity for all Americans, and we will keep fighting to deliver on these priorities.”