DNC on Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Usage of an AAPI Slur

At an event for Republican youth leaders, Marjorie Taylor Greene used an offensive slur to refer to members of the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. In response, DNC AAPI Caucus Chair Bel Leong-Hong released the following statement:

“Each and every day, AAPI people across the country walk out of their homes in fear of people like Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, fear of getting accosted on the street, fear for the well-being of family and friends, or fear of simply existing in a nation where extremists have made them the face of a pandemic. Make no mistake, it is this type of racist rhetoric that continues to divide our country and has put so many of the AAPI community in danger.

“This is far from the first example of Greene’s racism, extremism, and disrespect for our fellow Americans. Kevin McCarthy’s continued support of her and her fellow far-right, extremist colleagues is a reminder of how the Republican Party has shamelessly embraced and elevated far-right extremism. While too many elected Republicans continue to use racist language against our communities, President Biden and Democrats have taken concrete steps to respond to the increase in acts of anti-Asian violence, and to advance safety, inclusion, and acceptance for the AAPI community. Statements like Congresswoman Greene’s cannot be ignored, and her party must hold her accountable.”