DNC on Mike Pence’s Visit to North Carolina

DNC Southern Press Secretary Francisco Pelayo released the following statement on Mike Pence’s visit to North Carolina today:


“Mike Pence continues his tour pushing the GOP Tax Scam that gives corporations and the top 1% massive tax breaks at the expense of hardworking Americans and middle-class families. Under the Trump-GOP tax plan, the top 1% of North Carolina taxpayers are set to receive 26% of the tax cuts in 2019. And by 2027, the bill is projected to raise taxes on low- and middle-income North Carolinians who will face a tax hike of nearly $300. And thanks to this bill, more than one million North Carolina residents are now limited in their ability to use the state and local tax deduction.


“Despite the empty words Pence is delivering today in Charlotte, the Trump-GOP tax bill is clearly a bad deal for North Carolinians and they’ll make their voices heard when they head to the polls this November. North Carolina Democrats are running up and down the ticket in historic numbers and they’re working to break the Republican supermajority. Mike Pence should go back to Washington and join Democrats in fighting for solutions that make it easier for hard-working American families to get ahead, not harder.”