DNC on Mike Pence’s Visit to Pennsylvania

Ahead of Mike Pence’s appearance at his “Tax Cuts to Put America First” event and his scheduled fundraiser for Lou Barletta this afternoon in Philadelphia, DNC Northeast Press Secretary Elizabeth Renda released the following statement:


“Mike Pence is descending on Pennsylvania today to peddle two of the biggest shams the Keystone State has ever seen: the GOP tax scam and Donald Trump’s personal lapdog, Lou Barletta. This November, Pennsylvania Republicans like Barletta, who spend all their time cozying up to the Trump administration, will be forced to reckon with the dangerous impacts of the GOP agenda, like sabotaging our health care system, separating families at the border, and passing a tax bill that benefits the wealthiest among us at the expense of middle-class families. No amount of propping up by Mike Pence and his special interest allies can fix the fact that Barletta has proven time and again that he would refuse to stand up to the Trump administration to defend Pennsylvania values in the Senate.

“Meanwhile, Bob Casey is working to improve the lives of Pennsylvania’s working families by protecting and strengthening our health care and fighting for the state’s workers. This fall, voters will have a clear choice between a senator who will serve Republicans’ partisan agenda, and one who will stand up for the needs of Pennsylvania.”