DNC on Millennial Wins in Virginia and New Jersey

DNC Vice Chair and New York Assemblymember Michael Blake and DNC Secretary Jason Rae issued the following statement on the Democratic millennials elected last night:

“We want to congratulate the Democratic millennial leaders who were elected to state legislature seats in Virginia and New Jersey last night, many of whom flipped critical seats from red to blue. Each of these progressive leaders is proof positive that when we stand up to Donald Trump’s divisive, hate-fueled politics and lead with our values and a vision focused on jobs, healthcare, and opportunity for all, we can accomplish anything. From Vin Gopal in New Jersey, who flipped New Jersey’s long-time Republican 11th district, to Danica Roem in Virginia, the transgender candidate who defeated a pioneer of the anti-transgender bathroom bill and flipped Virginia’s 13th district, millennials delivered blow after blow to the Trump agenda and win after win for progressive values. As millennial DNC officers, we understand firsthand that it is not easy to step up to run, but, when we win, we inspire others into public service to help people. The new DNC understands that millennials deserve a real voice in the DNC, on everything from training to organizing, not just a symbolic seat at the table. We can't wait to see what these new leaders accomplish. We are the ones we've been waiting for, and we are ready to lead.”

Millennial Leaders Elected on November 7, 2017:

Vin Gopal, New Jersey State Senate 11th District

Jennifer Carol Foy, Virginia House of Delegates 2nd District

Chris Hurst, Virginia House of Delegates 12th District

Danica Roem, Virginia House of Delegates 13th District

Schuyler Van Vulkenburg, Virginia House of Delegates 72nd District

Jerrauld Jones, Virginia House of Delegates 89th District