DNC on National Coming Out Day

In recognition of National Coming Out Day, DNC LGBTQ Caucus Chair Earl Fowlkes, Treasurer Bill Derrough, and Secretary Jason Rae released this statement:

“Today, we reaffirm that love is love and that all people should be treated with the dignity they deserve, no matter their gender identity or sexual orientation. We celebrate the progress we’ve made as a society and honor all those who have fought for equality, while acknowledging the fight for full equality remains far from over. As Democrats, we embrace those who are openly LGBTQ, those who choose to come out today, and those who are still unable to live openly.

“This November, more LGBTQ candidates than ever before will represent our party on ballots across the country. These leaders are not only an inspiration to our community, but a critical voice for equality and representation in legislatures nationwide. But they cannot do it alone. We must come together and help them cross the finish line.

“We will not sit on the sidelines and watch decisions about us be made without us. We will raise our voices, fight for equality, and work to build a brighter future for all Americans – no matter who they are, who they love, or how they identify.”