DNC on National PTSD Awareness Day

In commemoration of National PTSD Awareness Day, DNC Chair Tom Perez and DNC Veterans and Military Families Council Co-Chair Jan H. Donatelli released the following statement:


“The members of our nation’s armed services risk life and limb to protect our freedoms. When we welcome these heroes home, it’s our national obligation to give them the respect and resources they deserve.


“The wounds of war are not always visible, and they take time to heal. The heartbreakingly high suicide rate among veterans is a sobering reminder that we must do more to help those who have put themselves in harm’s way to defend us.


“Not only is our nation morally responsible for providing funding for PTSD-treatment research, we have to ensure that our Department of Veterans Affairs is fully resourced and capable of properly caring for every servicemember.


“Our warriors deserve nothing less. But instead of providing our veterans with the care they’ve earned, Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress have called for privatizing the VA and selling out veterans’ needs to profit-minded corporations. The health of our heroes should not be left to the whims of the free market. They fulfilled their duty to our nation. It’s time to fulfill our duty to defend them.


“Democrats will fight tooth and nail against any attempt to cash in on servicemembers’ suffering, and we will keep working to ensure they get the proper care and treatment they deserve.”