DNC on New York Health Insurance Rate Hikes After GOP Sabotage

DNC Northeast Press Secretary Elizabeth Renda released the following statement following reports that New York’s health insurers plan to raise premium rates in the individual market by an average of 24% in 2019:


“Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress should be ashamed that their partisan-fueled attacks on the American health care system are responsible for making it harder for New York families to access the quality care they deserve. New York’s health insurers are seeking to raise premium rates by double digits next year, with one of the state’s largest insurers proposing an average rate increase of 38.6%.  Unsurprisingly, New York’s insurers cited Republicans’ health care sabotage as their primary justification for the rate hikes. Time and time again, Trump and Republicans have sabotaged American health care for their own political gain, and now, New York families are being left with the bill. It’s time for Trump and the GOP to stop playing political games with Americans’ health care and start joining Democrats by working to make health care accessible to every family. Quality, affordable health care should be a right for all Americans, not a privilege for the wealthy few.”