DNC on Op-ed Attacking Christine Hallquist

Today, the Casper Sun-Times published an editorial penned by Ethics and Public Policy Center Senior Fellow Mona Charen attacking Vermont Gubernatorial Candidate Christine Hallquist. The editorial attacked the media for recognizing Hallquist’s nomination as “historic,” argued Hallquist’s chief claim to office was her “sexuality,” and disparaged the “celebration of transgender people.” In response, DNC LGBTQ Media Director Lucas Acosta issued the following statement:


“Mona Charen’s ignorant op-ed in the Casper Star-Tribune is a disgraceful, disgusting attack on not just Christine Hallquist's identity, but also her accomplishments and lifetime of work. As the former CEO of the Vermont Electric Coop, Hallquist has a long record of delivering for the community and will bring that vision to the governor's office in Vermont. Claiming that Hallquist’s “chief claim to office” is her gender identity is shameful. Transgender people are our parents, our spouses, our siblings, and our neighbors, and they deserve a voice in the halls of government. The Casper Star-Tribune should be embarrassed that they provided a platform for this hate.”