DNC on Puerto Rico Earthquakes

DNC Chair Tom Perez released the following statement:

“My heart breaks for the people of Puerto Rico as they begin to recover and rebuild from this week’s earthquakes. They need disaster relief now. Many of these residents have still not recovered from the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria and the lackluster response from the Trump administration that followed. It’s long past time for President Trump to stop dragging his feet and start doing his job, starting with directing FEMA and HUD to quickly release the congressionally appropriated aid to Puerto Rico.

“In the face of such hardship, I’m reminded of an image that has stuck with me ever since my visit to the island after Hurricane Maria. Just above a row of homes that were destroyed by the storm was a flagpole with the stars and stripes still waving in the wind. We must help our fellow Americans during these tough times. They are strong and resilient, and they will get through this tragedy.”