DNC on Senate Net Neutrality Vote

DNC Chair Tom Perez released the following statement after Senate Democrats forced a vote to repeal the Trump administration’s changes to net neutralityrules:


“Today’s vote is a victory for the American people and all those who value an open Internet. Democrats — led by President Obama — delivered a fast, fair and open internet to American consumers when they made net neutrality the law of the land. Then Trump's FCC took those protections away.


“Today, once again, Democrats stood up for consumers against monopolistic corporations by forcing a vote to keep the internet open for all. While Republicans continue to put the wallets of big telecom companies and their lobbyists over the best interests of their constituents, Democrats believe that an open internet is fundamental to free speech, innovation, and a competitive economy. Democrats will fight harder than ever to keep the internet a level playing field, where the reach of one’s voice is determined by quality of ideas – not by a handful of CEOs.”