DNC on Slate of Democratic Women Nominees

DNC Women’s Media Director Elizabeth Renda released the following statement on the impressive roster of Democratic women who won primary races across the country last night:


“Women are not just running in elections. They’re winning them. Last night in Pennsylvania, a state with an all male congressional delegation that hasn’t sent a woman to Congress in years, seven women won Democratic primary races. Helen Tai flipped Pennsylvania’s 178th state House District in a special election – an area represented by Republicans for 35 years. In Idaho, Paulette Jordan could become the first Native American governor in America’s history. In Nebraska, Jane Raybould, Jessica McClure, and Kara Eastman defied expectations and won their primary races.


“It’s no wonder why we’re seeing women standing up and making the decision to run for office – and succeeding in their races. Every day, women across the country are seeing Republicans attack their most fundamental rights. Republicans in Congress have fought tooth and nail to strip access to healthcare and give tax breaks to the 1% at the expense of working families. The Trump administration is on a crusade to roll back federal programs that benefit women, from considering a domestic gag rule on Title X funding to trying to end funding for Teen Pregnancy Prevention programs. In Republican-controlled state legislatures across the country, states are passing archaic, unconstitutional abortion bans.


“Women are paying attention, and they’re rising up to make their voices heard by getting involved in politics at every level. The success of last night’s nominees is proof positive that America is hungrier than ever for female Democratic leadership, and that when we organize and lead with our values, we can win anywhere.”


Here are some of the Democratic women who won their primary and special election races last night:


Bibiana Boerio, Pennsylvania, 14th Congressional District

Suzanne Bonamici, Oregon, 1st Congressional District

Susan Boser, Pennsylvania, 15th Congressional District

Kate Brown, Oregon, Governor

Kristin Collum, Idaho, Lieutenant Governor

Madeleine Dean, Pennsylvania, 4th Congressional District

Kara Eastman, Nebraska, 2nd Congressional District

Chrissy Houlahan, Pennsylvania, 6th Congressional District

Val Hoyle, Oregon, Bureau of Labor and Industries Commissioner

Paulette Jordan, Idaho, Governor

Jess King, Pennsylvania, 11th Congressional District

Jessica McClure, Nebraska, 1st Congressional District

Cristina McNeil, Idaho, 1st Congressional District

Jamie McLeod-Skinner, Oregon, 2nd Congressional District

Jane Raybould, Nebraska, U.S. Senate

Mary Gay Scanlon, Pennsylvania, 5th Congressional District

Helen Tai, Pennsylvania, 178th state House District

Susan Wild, Pennsylvania, 7th Congressional District