DNC on Social Security Anniversary

DNC Chair Tom Perez and DNC Seniors Council Chair Steve Regenstreif released the following statement celebrating the anniversary of President Franklin Roosevelt signing the Social Security Act of 1935  into law:

“Democrats are proud to be the party that created Social Security – the bedrock of the middle class. For 85 years, this critical program has allowed Americans to retire with independence and dignity, and provided a financial lifeline to millions of disabled workers, survivors, and children. And yet, in the same month we celebrate this historic anniversary, Donald Trump has launched an all-out assault on the way Social Security is funded.

“As our nation faces the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans should be able to count on these benefits. Social Security has never missed a payment, and Democrats are committed to ensuring that it never will. For decades, we have fought to protect Social Security from those who want to privatize it, cut its benefits, erect barriers to coverage for disabled workers, and raise the age of retiree eligibility. And we aren’t stopping now.

“Under Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s leadership, we will increase benefits and provide more accurate cost-of-living adjustments that reflect the high costs facing older Americans. We will make sure that those who take time out of the workforce to care for loved ones aren’t penalized when it comes to Social Security benefits. And we will keep Social Security strong for today’s workers and retirees, and for generations to come.

“Democrats are committed to improving retirement security for all Americans. We enacted Social Security, and we are the party that will ensure its future.”