DNC on South Dakota Primary Election

DNC Chair Tom Perez and Disability Council Chair Tony Coelho released the following statement on today's primary election in South Dakota:


“Congratulations to Billie Sutton, all of the Democratic nominees, and the South Dakota Democratic Party on a successful primary. Billie will be an inclusive voice for all South Dakotans, and will work with everyone from both parties to bring South Dakota together around the common values of hard work and integrity.


“Representation is important, and for too long people with disabilities have been largely excluded from politics. As a dedicated public servant, we know Billie will use his experience to fight for the most vulnerable and work to create opportunities for everyone, not just a wealthy few. The Democratic Party is working to expand equal opportunities, increase participation in our workforce, and improve accessibility to independent living for people with disabilities.


“The DNC was proud to invest $50,000 in the South Dakota Democratic Party through the State Party Innovation Fund (SPIF) to help strengthen their efforts to engage and organize voters around the state. We look forward to working with the South Dakota Democratic Party to continue building the support we need to keep organizing in every ZIP code and elect Democrats up and down the ballot in 2018.”