DNC on Steve Mnuchin and Ivanka Trump’s Visit to New Hampshire

DNC Northeast Press Secretary Elizabeth Renda released the following statement on Steve Mnuchin and Ivanka Trump’s visit to New Hampshire today:


“The Trump Tax Scam circus is making yet another stop in New Hampshire, with Steve Mnuchin and Ivanka Trump set to celebrate Tax Day by peddling their administration’s shameful tax law in the Granite State. Just weeks ago, Mike Pence descended on New Hampshire to tout the bill that gives massive corporations and the 1% a tax break at the expense of hardworking Americans and middle-class families. Granite Staters weren’t fooled by Pence’s empty talking points and broken promises in March, and they won’t be fooled by Ivanka Trump or Steve Mnuchin’s today either.


“Of all the Trump administration officials attempting to push ‘alternative facts’ about the GOP tax scam on the American people, Steve Mnuchin is one of the worst. He’s proven time and again that he cannot be trusted to tell New Hampshire voters the truth about his administration’s scam of a bill. Mnuchin has continued to claim that the Trump tax bill will pay for itself, even as the Congressional Budget Office concluded that the law will add more than $1.8 trillion to the national debt by 2028. And after trying to sell the shameful bill to the American people by claiming it would benefit the middle class the most, Mnuchin later said that the bill’s ‘whole purpose’ was to ‘put more money in companies.’


“The Trump-GOP tax bill is clearly a bad deal for New Hampshire, and despite Governor Chris Sununu and the Trump administration’s best efforts to deceive Granite Staters, they aren’t buying it. In a recent poll, a majority of New Hampshire residents said they don’t believe the bill will benefit them. The Trump administration should go back to Washington and join Democrats in fighting for solutions that make it easier for hard-working American families to get ahead, not harder.”


Here's how the Trump tax scam Governor Chris Sununu lauded as “phenomenal” and a “win for all Americans” actually impacts New Hampshire families:


  • The top 1% of New Hampshire taxpayers are set to receive 23% of the tax cuts in 2018.
  • By 2027, the bill is projected to raise taxes on lower and middle income Granite Staters, while the top 1% of income earners would get a large tax cut.
  • More than 100,000 New Hampshire residents are now limited in their ability to use the state and local tax deductions.