DNC on Supreme Court Protecting Racial Discrimination in Texas

DNC Chair Tom Perez released the following statement after the U.S. Supreme Court issued its opinion in the case of Abbott v. Perez:


“Today, the Supreme Court decided to protect racial discrimination in Texas. Let’s be clear: Texas lawmakers drew districts that clearly and methodically discriminated against Latino and African American voters. And Texas isn’t alone. Racial discrimination is a cornerstone of the Republican electoral playbook. All across the country, Republicans are trying to tilt elections in their favor by making it harder for people to vote.


“Elections have consequences. In fact, Republicans are so determined to make it harder for people to vote that they held a Supreme Court seat hostage for nearly a year in order to nominate a judge who supports voter suppression. And that unprecedented obstruction is what ultimately made the difference in the outcome of this case.


“These attacks undermine our democracy and deny millions of voters, especially people of color, a meaningful voice at the ballot box. Voters should get to choose their leaders, not the other way around. And Democrats will continue to hold Republicans accountable as we fight to protect the one right that preserves all others — the right to vote.”