DNC on the Anniversary of Social Security

DNC Chair Jaime Harrison and DNC Senior Council Chair Steve Regenstreif issued the following statement marking the 88th anniversary of the signing of legislation that established Social Security:

“88 years ago, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt upheld our nation’s commitment to working families and seniors when he signed legislation that established Social Security, a vital program that in the years since has kept millions of families out of poverty. Since its inception, Social Security has allowed Americans to retire with independence and dignity, and provided a critical financial lifeline to millions of workers with disabilities, survivors, and children. To this day, Social Security remains a vital program, and that is why President Biden and Democrats are fighting to protect it so that future generations are met with the stability and respect they work their entire lives to achieve. 

“As we celebrate the 88th anniversary of Social Security, we’re reminded of the stakes for its future as MAGA Republicans continue to attack this essential program. The contrast couldn’t be more clear: President Biden has vowed to protect Social Security while 2024 MAGA Republicans are campaigning on ending Social Security as we know it — which is why it’s so critical that we reelect President Biden, Vice President Harris, and Democrats up and down the ballot to safeguard this vital program.”