DNC on the Consequences of ACA Repeal on the Disability Community

DNC Chair Tom Perez  and DNC Disability Council Chair Tony Coelho released the following statement on the impact of ACA repeal on the disability community:

Republicans are hellbent on repealing the Affordable Care Act and jeopardizing the health care of millions, especially  people with disabilities. Prior to the ACA, people with disabilities were denied health care because insurance companies saw people with preexisting conditions as threats to their massive profits. If Republicans are successful, as many as 135 million Americans with preexisting conditions, including 61 million Americans with disabilities, will return to the same place they were before the ACA was signed into law: at risk of losing or being denied health care due to preexisting conditions. The GOP has offered no alternatives or solutions for the millions of Americans whose  health care coverage will be in peril if the ACA is invalidated.

We need a president who protects and expands the Affordable Care Act and who understands that health care coverage is a life and death issue for so many Americans with disabilities. We need President Joe Biden.