DNC on the Inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

DNC Chair Tom Perez released the following statement:

“It’s a new day in America. At the same site where a violent mob attacked our democracy two weeks ago, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris just swore a solemn oath to serve this country to the best of their ability – a testament to the endurance of the greatest democratic experiment in the history of the world. And I have every confidence in the success of this new administration. The challenges before our nation are many: We have a pandemic to battle, an economy to rebuild, a nation to unite and heal. The time has come for real leadership in the White House. The time has come to put the American people above partisanship. The time has come for a presidency grounded in hope and compassion, facts and science; a presidency that celebrates our nation’s diversity and fights for our nation’s most vulnerable. That’s what the American people voted for in November in record numbers. And that’s what we are going to see over the next four years. Grace. Dignity. Empathy. Under Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the first Black and Asian American woman to serve as our nation’s vice president, we have already made history, and now we will begin to build our nation back better.”