DNC on the Negative Impacts of the Republican Tax Plan on Asian Americans

House Republicans are set to force a vote on their tax scam today without allowing any amendments, which would be especially disastrous for AAPI middle-class families. DNC spokesperson Vedant Patel released the following statement:

“This bill was written for Donald Trump’s wealthy friends on Wall Street, not for American families – and especially not Asian American families. Republicans want to give massive giveaways to the richest corporations and individuals at the expense of the middle class and millions of Asian American and Pacific Islander families. The Republican tax scam would take away the child tax credit that nearly 1 million Asian American working families rely on and would gut trillions of dollars from programs like health care and education that AAPI families depend on daily. Millions of Americans insured through Medicaid are AAPI, and we should be fighting for their health care – not tearing it apart to give millionaires and billionaires another tax cut. Democrats believe that we should reform our tax system to work better for the middle class, not Wall Street bankers, and we will continue to fight tooth-and-nail to make sure this bill never makes it to Donald Trump’s desk.”