DNC on the Passage of Anti-LGBTQ Adoption Bill in Georgia Senate

Today, the Georgia State Senate passed SB-375, a bill that would allow Georgia’s adoption agencies to deny LGBTQ couples the ability to adopt a child based on religious objection. In response, DNC LGBTQ Media Director Lucas Acosta released the following statement:


“Plain and simple, Georgia’s Republican lawmakers are discriminating against LGBTQ parents. Rather than focusing on empowering families or uniting children with loving parents, Georgia Republicans want to strip qualified potential parents of their ability to provide for a child in need. With over 400,000 children in foster care nationwide and nearly 14,000 in Georgia alone, the Georgia legislature should be focusing on how it can attract more qualified and loving parents to the system – not rejecting potential homes based on the gender identity or sexual orientation of the parents.


“As the special elections in GA SD-06, HD-117 and HD-119 proved, voters are rejecting the far-right, extremist agenda of Georgia Republicans and will hold them accountable in November.”