DNC on the Trump Administration’s Plans to Close All USCIS International Field Offices

DNC Latinx Media Director Enrique Gutierrez and AAPI Media Director John Santos released the following statement in response to the Trump administration’s plans to close all USCIS international field offices:


“The Trump administration’s plans to close all international U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services field offices is a blatant attempt to deny opportunities to immigrants by making it much harder for them to legally enter the country. The administration’s explanation that the move is an effort to cut government spending does not hold up since USCIS’s funding comes primarily from fees paid by people who use its services. Rather, this decision is a clear attempt to shut U.S. doors to those who use the services provided by USCIS field offices: immigrants who are going through the legal process to get a green card, service members who are trying to get their citizenship while stationed overseas, and citizens who are going through a foreign adoption process. Democrats are committed to fighting Trump’s politics of cruelty and continued callous attacks against immigrants and their families.”