DNC on Three Years Since Trump’s Inauguration

DNC Chair Tom Perez released the following statement on three years since Trump’s inauguration:

“Three years ago, Donald Trump took the oath of office and swore to defend our Constitution. And every day since, he has violated that oath with abandon. He has broken promise after promise to the American people. He told workers his tax plan would help them, but it just helped his wealthy friends; his reckless trade policy helped plunge American farmers into a bankruptcy crisis; he’s tried to take health care away from millions, including those with preexisting conditions, and he’s put the greed of Big Pharma over the good of the American people; he’s kept kids in cages and separated families at our border; he’s brought us to brink of war, alienated our allies, and embarrassed our nation on the global stage; he signed away our children’s future by leaving the Paris Climate Accord and putting our health and safety at risk; he’s attacked a woman’s right to choose, a worker’s right to organize, and a person’s right to love who they want and live how they want; he’s spewed hatred and bigotry on a daily basis; and of course, he has used the power of his office for political gain, extorting a foreign leader to help him win the next election.

“Every step of the way, Republicans in Congress have aided and abetted him. They haven’t just turned a blind eye to Trump’s corruption, they have actively participated in it. And when they aren’t spending their time defending Trump’s wrongdoing, Republican leaders are blocking critical legislation that would help improve the lives of millions of Americans.

“If you want a lesson in real leadership, just look at Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats. They have passed over 400 bills to help the American people, including nearly 300 bipartisan bills. And when we elect a Democratic president and Senate, they will become law. All across the country, Democrats are fighting for the values of the American people.

“We have less than 300 days until the most important election of our lifetime, and everything we care about is at stake. Every single one of our candidates would make a far better president than Donald Trump. And they all know this election isn’t about them, it’s about our democracy. As DNC chair, I know that if we work together and organize –  knock by knock, call by call, voter by voter – we’ll be unstoppable. We’ll win races up and down the ballot, we’ll expand our House majority, we’ll take back the Senate, and we’ll kick Donald Trump out of the White House.”