DNC on Transgender Day of Remembrance

DNC LGBTQ Media Director Lucas Acosta released the following statement to commemorate Transgender Day of Remembrance:

“Today we honor all the lives of transgender and gender non-conforming people lost this year to hatred and violence. As we commit ourselves to continuing the fight for equality, we must not forget an epidemic of anti-trans violence remains all too prevalent in our country and disproportionately affects transgender  women of color.

“For decades, the LGBTQ community and its allies have fought for the promise of true equality and protection from discrimination and violence. Thanks to these efforts, we’ve come a long way as a nation, passing legislation like the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr., Hate Crimes Prevention Act and working to make schools, workplaces, and communities safer for LGBTQ Americans. Sadly, days like today, as we commemorate the lives stolen by hatred and bigotry, we realize there is much more work to be done.

“President Trump and his administration have sought to roll back hard-won progress, erase the transgender community, and fan the flames of hatred and bigotry. But earlier this month, America rejected President Trump’s failed leadership and elected a record number of LGBTQ candidates to Congress, governor’s mansions, and statehouses across the country. And House Democrats have already made the Equality Act, which would create federal protections from discrimination on the basis of gender identity, a top priority in the next Congress. As we observe this Transgender Day of Remembrance, Democrats are proud to recommit ourselves to the fight for the safety and equality of every individual, no matter their sexual orientation or gender identity. The transgender community will not be erased.”