DNC on Trump Administration Moving Hundreds of Migrant Children to Tent City

DNC Hispanic Media Director Enrique Gutiérrez released the following statement in response to the recent report that the Trump administration has been moving hundreds of migrant children to the tent city in Tornillo, Texas during the middle of the night:


“Donald Trump can’t hide his inhumane treatment of children under the cover of night. His manufactured humanitarian crisis has taken a physical and psychological toll on thousands of immigrants, and he continues to pile on by escalating his anti-immigrant policies. Now his administration is sending hundreds of children to sleep 20 to a tent with no opportunity to attend school and limited access to legal services. These midnight voyages to his growing tent city are the latest item on Trump’s racist agenda, but we can be certain they won’t be the last. Democrats will continue to fight on behalf of these innocent children and will hold Trump and Republicans accountable at the ballot box this November.”