DNC on Trump Administration’s Domestic Gag Rule for Title X Funding

DNC Spokesperson Elizabeth Renda released the following statement on the Trump administration’s finalized domestic gag rule eliminating Title X funding for health care providers who provide abortions or even referrals for abortions to their patients:

“The Trump administration’s new rule on Title X funding is a direct threat to millions of low-income women and their families and a declaration of all-out war on women’s access to health care. This domestic gag rule will eliminate critical funds for providers of basic, affordable health care. The rule bars health care providers across the country from telling patients how and where they can access an abortion. It is unconscionable that, in 2019 in this country, our government is infringing on a doctor’s ability to speak freely with patients about their health care options. This despicable rule will kneecap Title X – a program about 4 million Americans each year rely on for affordable birth control and reproductive health care.


“From day one, the Trump administration has attempted to chip away at women’s basic rights and freedoms by pushing policies that would kick millions of Americans off their health care, eliminate protections for sexual assault survivors, and strip women of their ability to make decisions about their own bodies with their doctors. Women are the core of the Democratic Party, and Democrats will never stop fighting against this administration’s attacks on their access to health care.”