DNC on Trump Calling for College Football to Return

In response to Trump pushing for college football to be played in the fall, DNC War Room spokesperson Daniel Wessel released the following statement:

“Americans can blame Donald Trump when they don’t have college football this year. The Big Ten is expected to cancel its season, and others are looking to do the same, after Trump’s failed response allowed the coronavirus to get out of control. Instead of coming up with a plan to contain the virus and ensure sports can return safely, Trump is willing to put more lives at risk by recklessly tweeting for college football to proceed as scheduled.

“More than 160,000 Americans have died, over 5 million have been infected, and the economy is in a deep recession because Trump refuses to listen to experts, continues to downplay the virus, and still has no plan to steer us out of this crisis. The American people know that Trump is at fault when their lives can’t return back to normal.”