DNC on Trump Government Shutdown

DNC Chair Tom Perez released the following statement after Donald Trump and congressional Republicans forced a government shutdown:


“The Trump Shutdown is here, and American workers will pay the price. The president should be ashamed that he is targeting American workers with his latest temper tantrum right before the holidays. Voters spoke out last month, and their message was clear: we do not support the Trump agenda, we are not paying for your wall, and Republicans do not stand for our values.


“Democrats offered multiple proposals to keep the government open, including a strong bipartisan solution passed by voice vote in the Senate. But Trump and congressional Republicans yet again demonstrated that they are unable to govern.


“President Trump campaigned on his so-called dealmaking skills. And yet, he’s proved incapable of making a deal that works for the American people. This is who the president is: a failed dealmaker with the temperament of a toddler. The American people have had enough. That’s why they elected Democrats last month up and down the ballot across the country. And that’s why they’re going to make Donald Trump a one-term president.”