DNC on Trump Not Being Tough on Russia

In response to Secretary of State Tillerson’s remarks on Trump’s bilateral meeting with Vladimir Putin today, DNC deputy communications director Adrienne Watson released the following statement:

“In today's bilateral meeting, Trump played into Putin’s hand yet again by suggesting that we should just move on from last year’s election hacks. After Trump has denied that Russia was behind the hacks for nearly a year, it is not surprising that Putin took the same position today. Despite what the White House might say, it is irrefutable that Trump has spent months going out of his way to give cover to Putin and has clearly sided with him over his own intelligence agencies. Trump is not just giving Putin a pass on last year’s attack on our democracy, but inviting him to do it again.”


Throughout his foreign trip, Trump has not taken a tough stance against Russia:

“What Tillerson described sounded not at all like American president getting tough w/Russian president over meddling in his country” – John Harwood


“Intentionally or not, Trump’s address also synched with Putin’s longtime talking points about U.S.-Russia relationswhen he called on Moscow to ‘join the community of responsible nations in our fight against common enemies and in defense of civilization itself.’” – Politico


“The reference to Russian behavior and Article 5 reflected the views of top Trump advisers… Still, Trump’s comments weren’t enough to allay concerns about what the president himself believes.” – Politico


Trump has so far been reluctant to unambiguously accuse Moscow of interfering in the election that propelled him to the White House, presumably because he does not want to see his electoral victory tainted.” – The Guardian


The Kremlin seemed pleased with President Trump’s tepid response in Poland to Russia’s campaign attacks.” – New York Daily News


“While Trump never mentioned Russia by name, the invitation for Trump to attend the summit Trump was evidence enough that the 12-member bloc is looking West for economic ties.” – USA Today


The two leaders were seen shaking hands and exchanging pleasantries ahead of their planned formal, sit-down meeting in video posted to Facebook by the German Cabinet.” – Associated Press


“The spokesman for Russian leader Vladimir Putin is shrugging off President Donald Trump's call to reduce Russia's dominance of the natural gas supply for Eastern Europe.” – Associated Press


At best, he’s acting to help Russia get away with serious wrongdoing because admitting that an unsavory foreign power wanted him to win would make him look bad.” – Vox