DNC on Trump Tax Returns

DNC Chair Tom Perez released the following statement after the New York Times report on Donald Trump’s tax returns:

“While most Americans were working hard and playing by the rules, Donald Trump wasn’t paying a dime. The year he was elected president and his first year in office, he only paid $750 in federal income taxes, while signing a tax bill into law that benefited the wealthy and corporations, not working families. What’s more, Trump’s business ties represent a dangerous conflict of interest with his job. And now, with enormous debts soon coming due, he is using the presidency to line his pockets instead of helping the American people. Donald Trump only cares about two things: his ego and his wallet. He said he’d run our country like one of his businesses. And he was right — over 200,000 people are dead and our country is facing an economic downturn because of his failed leadership.

“The American people work hard and play by the rules, and they deserve a president who does the same. A president with integrity and decency. A president like Joe Biden. Vice President Biden has spent his career serving the American people, not ripping them off. He’s running for president to help people, not pad his own pockets. On November 3, Donald Trump’s long con will be over.”