DNC on Trump’s $300 Million Health Care Discrimination Efforts

According to a government estimate, the Trump administration’s efforts to allow health care workers to discriminate against women and the LGBTQ community will cost more than $300 million. DNC Women’s Media Director Elizabeth Renda and LGBTQ Media Director Lucas Acosta issued the following statement in response:


“We now know exactly how much it means to the Trump-Pence administration to be able to discriminate against a woman in need of reproductive care or an LGBTQ patient seeking medical treatment. The Trump-Pence administration is willing to sacrifice hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to allow health workers to deny care to Americans in need on the basis of ‘moral conscience.’ This is nothing but a burdensome, costly, and thinly veiled partisan attack from Republicans desperate to sabotage the American health care system. Democrats will not stand by as the Trump-Pence administration rips away Americans’ access to health care and dangerously undermines public health.”