DNC on Trump’s Border Visit

DNC Chair Tom Perez released the following statement ahead of President Trump’s visit to the southern U.S. border:


“Trump himself admitted this is nothing more than a useless publicity stunt. Yesterday, Democrats called on Trump once again to end his disastrous government shutdown. But instead of doing the right thing for the American people, Trump ended negotiations and threw a temper tantrum that would be embarrassing even for a kindergartner, let alone the president of the United States.


“This isn’t leadership; it’s chaos. 800,000 workers remain furloughed or working without pay, including many who actually protect our security every day, and Americans from small business owners to small-town home loan seekers are suffering. The American people are demanding an end to the Trump Shutdown. The House has already passed bipartisan legislation to end the Trump Shutdown, and Democrats are ready to pass legislation to fund common-sense, effective border security. The president should cancel his publicity stunt, stay in Washington, and end the shutdown crisis he created.”