DNC on Trump’s Executive Order Attacking Low-Income Americans

In response to Trump’s executive order targeting Medicaid, nutrition assistance, housing assistance, and other safety net programs, DNC spokesperson Daniel Wessel released the following statement:


“By encouraging agencies to find new ways to cut federal assistance programs, Trump continues his assault on lower-income Americans struggling to get by. Millions could lose their health insurance or struggle to get enough to eat if Trump’s harsh and unnecessary requirements become a reality. Trump has already made it more difficult for Americans and people with disabilities to get the care they need, he and Republicans have proposed tens of billions of dollars in cuts to SNAP, and his administration has continually tried to gut affordable housing programs. Now Trump wants to make it harder for low-wage workers to feed their families and search for higher-paying jobs, as he and Republicans continue to push a tax bill that gives massive giveaways to the top 1% and big corporations.


“This is a snapshot of today’s Republican Party. While Republicans turn their backs on millions of Americans, Democrats will always have their backs, and will continue to fight to expand economic opportunities for all Americans.”