DNC on Trump’s Failure to Condemn Putin’s War

Democratic National Committee spokesperson Ammar Moussa released the following statement in response to Donald Trump’s narcissistic statement after nearly 24 hours of silence:

“As Ukrainians have endured nearly 24 hours of Vladimir Putin’s indiscriminate bombs and missiles, Donald Trump has done nothing but praise himself and his favorite dictator. Trump’s failure to condemn Putin’s actions is as cowardly as it is conspicuous, and his desire to make the Ukrainian people’s suffering about himself is vile. While President Biden has rallied allies against Russia’s aggression and enforced unprecedented sanctions, all we’ve heard from the defeated former president is incessant praise of Putin. Considering how he threatened to withhold military aid from Ukraine to advance his political ambitions, it’s not surprising Donald Trump won’t stand with the Ukrainian people in their darkest hour. The question is — when will Trump condemn Putin’s war?”