DNC on Trump’s Latest Health Care Sabotage

In response to new rules proposed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, DNC spokesperson Daniel Wessel released the following statement:


“The Trump administration is continuing its relentless campaign to make health care less accessible and less affordable for millions of Americans. These new rules would increase out-of-pocket costs, drive up premiums, and put health care out of reach for many Americans across the country.


“Voters made their voices heard in the midterm elections: They overwhelmingly oppose Trump and Republican sabotage. While this administration has not learned its lesson, Democrats will never stop fighting to ensure that health care is a right for all.”


Wall Street Journal: Trump’s Proposed ACA Rules Could Boost Costs for Millions of People

By Stephanie Armour


The Trump administration on Thursday proposed changes that could raise health insurance costs for millions of Americans who get coverage on the job or receive subsidies under the Affordable Care Act, a move that Republicans said is necessary to cut inflated subsidies but Democrats viewed as another GOP effort to sabotage the health law.

The proposal, released by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, would raise the out-of-pocket maximum that people with employer-sponsored coverage pay in 2020. The individual maximum would increase by $200 to $8,200 annually, and the maximum for family coverage would increase by $400, analysts said.


The plan would also change a calculation that determines how much people pay if they buy insurance from the ACA exchange and get credits to reduce their monthly premiums. The change could raise premiums next year for many of the roughly 9 million people who get the credit.